13 November 2009


2nd time @ Green Box, Jusco Balakong.
v Mh, Mk & Foong~* 12pm - 2pm for $14.00
We sud wake, bath & go earlier de.. isHH !!

bt Da best ting of GB is : free flow of drinks!!
get 10cups of ice lemon tea jiu can EaRn bak $ edi, haha.. by Mh~*

Foong~* finally gets his new shoe..
we all agreed tht it's x NicE, haha..

old pic: 1st time @ GB last FRI, v big gps of fren, very fun bt lazy 2write edi, hahaha, refer 2Mh & Eric's blog lar.. I missed my chance 2 listen2 Jy~* 解脱, very boh kam muan.. !! haha..


  1. I love green box....better than the Red one....so funny, now ask the whole world to judge whether the blue croc-like shoe nice or not....hehe

  2. yaya.. green box much more better.. haha.. he met many pp wearing "dai tao hai" dis few days de..