19 November 2009

Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Game !! P2

stil da 1st day, 15/11 nite..
Life Game~* by Eve & Ning..
i luv dis game veli much, haha...

Waldo search..

frm here... @@"

tryin 2graduate frm UNI lvl in my station : Education~*

1 of da part time job, Work~* station.
Wei Chean, 1 of my 3 Jrs, promoting plastic bottle..

1 of da full time job, Work~* station..
i like dis game veli much, veli fun haha...

Cat Walk, Popularity~* station..

Capricorn @ Health~* station..

Marriage stage @ Love~* station
@@" mama helpin da baby 2wear diapers..

helped Dalton 2took photo coz feel guilty aft stolen Aries~* flag
when they performin dance @ Popularity~* station..

aft da 3 hrs LG (veli seok followin Jy go rob da JRs.. hahaha),
Kamir Says~* by Aisyah..
she can play phyco veli well, cheatin pp !!

eating all da time while doin nite shift, haha...

OK next, 16/11..
Explore Race~* in da rain..

Leo~* @ 1 of da station game..
x much pic coz Ada & me incharge of 1 station..
askin JRs quest bout AJK, like.. who is ah pong, haha..

aft ER, all FACI kena eat worms.. ><"

Yen Fhong feeding Kavi ><"

then, briefing bout War Game~*

Base A, War Game~*

aft briefing, WaR start, bt according 2Jy,
it looked more like illegal Indo running away frm cops..
jz 4fun, dun gt angry, haha..

punishments 4da lose team..

Wei Yang & me~* (another 1 of my JRs)

we played around as well aft da punishments, hehe..

they seemed veli enjoyed though, haha..

3, 2, 1 Action !! Si Tanggang by Capricorn~*

Leo~*, Si Tanggang again..
others: Snow White, Beauty & da Beast, Madu Tiga..

lAsT day, 17/11..
rafting in da morning is very FUN !! (x pic v me rite nw)
video by Izzati is very NICE as well !!

tht ends our Vet Camp 09', quite tired bt quite enjoy2..
luv 2sit near da sea, very windy..
bt din hv chance 2c STARSssss like last VC.. T.T
raining all da time.. i luv, though..

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