19 November 2009

Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Game !! P1

Vet Camp 09'
15/11 (sun) ~ 17/11 (tues)
Brindley Training & Camp, Port Dickson

Registration @ vet fac..

1st ting aft settled da camp site : FLAG~*

n CHEERS~* as well.. part of da Ice Breaker..

Capricorn~* u can leave ur girl fren n meet me at da Vet Camp !!

Scorpio~* S (bang..) C (bang..) O (bang..) R P I O ..

Pisces~* P is 4 da ??? (4gt edi).. hehe, i remembered I is intelligent oni..

Leo~* L E O n arghwww...

Sagittaurius~* hmmm.. totally 4gt bout their cheers edi @@

Cancer~* dis1 damn cute!! ketAm Ketam..

Aries~* hmmm.. da meEkk sound like wat.. = ="

i missed 2 take pic of Taurus~* gp's cheers..

2nd, Obstacle Course~*

AJK playin around b4 da JRs.. haha.

vry detailed DEMO frm da 2 staffs @@

help Joseph 2take pic at his station n kepo around oni..

Taurus~* passed !! n it's raining edi @@"

OC had 2stopped since rained heavily..
Mh~* leading his Scorpio 2learn our theme song & dance..
our theme song : You Gotta Be, Des'ree

SHOE game in da hall instead of OC..

@@" kelian.. all miXed well, da smell as well..

hmm.. y shoes alwez hv smth 2do v arguements?
thx 2kavi, x bIg tings happened.. huhu, rElief..

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